Welcome to WsM Web - Web Services in Weston-super-Mare

Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest – the list is endless, whats in, whats out?

The minefield of social media is HUGE! – We understand that it may be confusing, but we’ll keep it simple, we’ll get you on the IMPORTANT social media platforms and the ones most relevant to your website, business and content, we will develop any integration between platforms that  you so may require. As well as build in any widgets, gadgets or additions to your website.

Do you need someone to run your social media – no problem, we can do this for you, however we WILL require your assistance, we will need media from you, but you can email, text or even FaceBook us your recent photos, bits of information or anything relevant, we can provide adequate, effective social media training for you to run your own successful social media campaigns.

Speak to us now, don’t let it daunt you further!