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What is a ‘Custom Solution’?

You may want more than a website, for example an e-store linked to your own ePos (electronic point of sale, i.e. tills) . You may want to store your customers details on a database which you and your co-workers can access from anywhere in the world, you may want to process data directly on-line for an app, you may even want an app that does something no other app does.

We Put It Into Place!

We dont have the answer for every application, however we do have experience dating back to the dawn of the internet, we will work one-to-one to assess your custom solution with you, and if we think we are driving down the same road together, we’ll complete a quotation and description of works, which we will complete within a designated timescale, as agreed by both parties.

Timescales and costings are agreed so that in the event of either party delaying in processing or gathering information, extra costs or extra works can be assessed, imagine creating a webstore for someone with 10 products to start and having to wait 7 months for details on the products, it would be unfair and unjust to assume this was reasonable. Just as imagine us telling you “we’ll be finished sometime this millennium”.