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Additional Charges for alterations, changes and “quick updates”

We stand by our very strict “no monthly fees” to pay with WsM Web, once your website is made all you pay for is the hosting and domain – HOWEVER – we have always said to clients and friends “its ok, we can make additions, changes and add some images for you, no worries” – but we just cant anymore, let me explain why…

We’ve created OVER 200 websites in the last 18 months alone, this does not include all the sites prior to this, based on a nice round number of 200 websites, lets say 10% of people want something added or changed, thats 20 people in a week asking us to make small changes, sure, the jobs are only around 10 minutes each, some up to 30 but that equates to an average of 200-300 minutes per week, and thats before you include a flow of communication between us and each client, multiple emails and calls, you can safely say we spend 5-6 hours per week on this, all unpaid. This is an average day working in an office, one day a week from the working week.


Please do not read any of the above as a complaint or whinge on our part, we, especially Lee are more than aware that we tell our clients and friends “no worries, just ping me a message and I’ll do it”, which we have done for years and years, however, this has now got to a scale where it has a huge detrimental impact on our production and services.

We do need to tackle this, and its a very easy, and what we feel, fair solution. Our intention is to offer 3 hours worth of ‘extras’ to all new customers websites or solutions, (deducted in 30 minute segments) or to offer a very low monthly fee for up to 3 hours worth of ‘extras’ per website/solution/customer (deducted in 60 minute segments), we are also starting a “up to 60 minute” tariff for anyone who does not wish to add this service to their existing website, solution or package. The “up to 60 minute” tariff will allow us to do works for you, which will be quoted and acceptance required prior to commencing.


As well as the monthly ‘caretaker’ packages above we are also adding Social media based tariffs, blog writing and content generating tariffs and continuing SEO tariffs, as well as new services such as Google Adwords, FaceBook Ads, communication tariffs (email/phone/text) and Webmaster/Business Tariffs . All will be listed on our website in due course, and all customers will be invited to sign up for these tariffs, with us to hand to answer all questions.


We will eventually be moving Google Webmaster, Google Places, Bing Place, Google Business and Bing Webmaster accounts over to each of our customers who do not opt for the suggested tariffs throughout the next few months, dont worry we will keep you posted throughout the process and tell you what you can do (if anything). We dont intend to leave anyone in the lurch.


Dont worry, firstly know that we wont be doing anything until we have communicated with you, and like always we will use plain English and no technical jargon to ensure you fully understand what is happening – nothing will change, no website rankings will drop, nor will your products or services stop working, you will just be given the option if you would like on-going support from us, or if you are happy to proceed without it and pay for future support as and when required.