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We Design AMAZING Websites

Websites that not only suit your company image, but websites that function the way you need them to both on the front end and the back end. Get Found, Get a website from WsM Web!

We Got You Covered!

A complete range of services from the top to the bottom and all the functionality inbetween….

And Yes, sometimes we pull funny faces!



Our company ethos is easily explained :

  • More transparency with customers, talk a language they understand.
  • Get local people found by local people.
  • Clean crisp simple website design with clean crisp graphics and optimised high quality images.
  • Consistent and intuitive website navigation with no cul-de-sacs.
  • Fast-loading web pages with minimum scrolling.
  • Functionality rather than gimmicks.
  • Database-driven website design for dynamic content.
  • Secure on-line control panel allowing clients the ability to easily and instantly update important content themselves.
  • Automated control of date-sensitive data so that website content never becomes stale.
  • Search engine friendly and high ranking structure and design.
  • Automated e-mail acknowledgements.
  • Local directory submissions a must-have for all clients.
  • Social network management to the customers needs, NOT, to a list
  • Ongoing website maintenance and support.

The Weston-super-Mare Web team have been around since the dawn of the home internet (and even on BBS before that!) , we’ve created information portals in pure text, asci text, html and evolving on to php and newer languages. We are big fans of widely supported Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, from a financial point of view to the client (You) this can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds on development.

We have been involved in all aspects on the world wide web, from servers and data-centres, from peer-to-peer protocol enhancement, eggdrops and IRC, from dedicated servers and shared hosting to our own hosting, SQL databases and even re-seller hosting. We truly do have a good grip on the world wide web and the way it works.

WSM WEB HAVE GIVEN US A WEBSITE THAT WORKS” – Bouncy Castle Hire Weston-super-Mare


We’ve really been there and done it all with our the internet and previous services, we are sat here completing our customers websites and making them effective, market ready and customer focused. We have no massive sell-out, or over enthusiastic expansion plans, we no longer sub contract any work out to other countries or other designers and everything is done in-house.